Red Knights International Firefighters Big Lap – Make a Donation

Red Knights International Firefighters Big Lap - Make a Donation

The Red Knights are an international Fire Fighters Motorcycle club that supports first responders and works towards motorcycle safety along with supporting charitable causes.

On the 5th of September 2022, a group of Red Knights will begin riding a Big Lap of Australia, traveling in an anti-clockwise direction from Melbourne (commencing at CFA District 8 HQ in Dandenong). The team will visit almost nearly every capital city.

A total of 34 days travel covering more than 500km a day! Arriving back at Dandenong on the 8th of Oct. We will be visiting some remote Fire Station, SES stations and Areas impacted by the 2019/2020 fires. While riding we hope to raise awareness for first responders mental health.

Our Riders are

  1. John Pitman - Phillip Island CFA
  2. Peter O'Dowd - Pakenham SES retired
  3. Ian Ronalds - Warragul CFA retired and
  4. Roger van Kollenburg - The Basin CFA

Along with us will be a support car with trailer and two drivers

  1. Andrew Clatworthy - SES retired
  2. Craig Hopper – Maintenance Assistant

The bikes are 3 Harley Davidson Street Glides and a Triumph Thunderbird and a large support trailer is following.

We expect to travel About 16,000k's in total (including minor detours and photo opportunities with coverage by CFA Media and any local or mainstream media that also picks us up.

Again while we are not directly collecting or fundraising, we are promoting the "000 Foundation" who support first responders mental health through multiple charities (they also run the fire fighter’s stair challenge Which is being held in Melbourne while we ride)

On estimation we will use around 1400 litres of Diesel in the support car and 3600 litres of ULP on the trip.

I would encourage you to follow us on Social media and watch for updates (daily unless coverage prevents this) and enjoy.